Tegeral Forte

Tegeral Forte

Concentrated cleaner for use in HP equipment  


Liquid, clear, highly concentrated, odorless alkaline cleaner. TEGERAL FORTE contains washing active substances are highly biodegradable and meet the requirements of the German Law on the ecological compatibility of washing agents and detergents.


The product is designed for use in HP and steam jet equipment and in brush operated washing plants; particularly useful in engineering, chemical, and food processing, and shipbuilding industries. Even tenacious soot deposits, e.g. resulting from fire damages, will be easily removed.

Dosage Normal soilage Dissolve 1 part of product in 5 - 15 parts of water and fill into the tank of the HP equipment. The concentration in cleaning jet should amount to 1 - 3 %.
Use in sprayers

Dissolve 1 part of product in 4 parts of water. After a relatively short period of reaction rinse with water or HP water jet.

Specifications Specific gravity at 20 °C/68 °F approx. 1.06 kg/l
ph value potentiometric approx. 11,3
ph value in distilled water 1 % approx. 10.1
Reaction alkaline
Clarification temperature

approx. -6 °C/+21 °F

Ingredients Complexing agents, anionic and nonionogenic tensides, solubilizers, auxiliary agents.
Safety Please observe your local governmental safety precautions regulations.

Freezing and subsequent thawing have no effect on product quality.

Available 30Litre